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2006 - 2008 WS DEBATE - Stimulating Policy Debate on Women and Science Issues in Central Europe

WS DEBATE, Stimulating Policy Debate on Women and Science Issues in Central Europe project was a Specific Support Action in the EU 6th Framework Programme. Its overall objective was the stimulation of policy and public debate on the situation and perspectives of women in science in order to bridge the gap between policy developments and public understanding of the related issues, as well as raise gender awareness among policy makers, scientists and among the lay public interested in scientific developments. This objective was accomplished by encouraging a broad public debate based on the dissemination of knowledge gathered by the ENWISE report (Waste of Talents: Turning Private Struggles into a Public Issue – Women and Science in the ENWISE Countries; European Commission, EUR 20955 EN) in the countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia).
The project also supported the process of implementing the ENWISE recommendations and contributed to the promotion and development of the best gender equality practices in research through periodic publications of national reports on the situation of women in science and the organization of conferences in each partner country.
Partner institutions:
Women’s Studies Centre, University of £ód¼, Poland,
Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - National Contact Centre - Women and Science, Czech Republic,
Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia,
Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.
WSC participated in the following international meetings within WS Debate project:
October 2006 – Consortium Kick-off meeting, Budapest, Hungary,
May 2008 – Management meeting, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
October 2008 – Management meeting, Budapest, Hungary.

Women’s Studies Centre published a WS Debate national report on the history and situation of gender equality in science:
Oleksy, E. H. (ed.) “Idealistki, si³aczki, reformatorki: Kobiety w nauce polskiej”, Women’s Studies Centre, University of £ód¼, 2007.
Retrievable from:

Also, all partners’ national reports were published in English:
Groó, D. (ed.) “Re-claiming a Political Voice: Women and Science in Central Europe”, Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, 2008.
Retrievable from:
http://wsdebate.tetalap.hu/images/stories/fruit/re-claiming a political voice.pdf

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