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2005 - 2008 UPGEM - Understanding Puzzles in the Gendered European Map. Brain Drain in Physics through the Cultural Looking Glass

UPGEM, Understanding Puzzles in the Gendered European Map. Brain Drain in Physics through the Cultural Looking Glass
was a research project realized within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Union. The primary objective of the UPGEM project was to identify relevant local cultural-historical processes behind the “brain-drain” of female physicists who are leaving the field in spite of having the same formal qualifications as their male colleagues. This implied identifying the informal ways in which careers are shaped in various cultural contexts and their relationship to the so-called “four P’s” (prestige, payment, pleasure, policy). Through close-up (qualitative) studies of the working environment of female academic staff in physics institutes at six universities distributed along the north/south and the east/west axes of the European map, the project enhanced and updated statistical surveys and recommended more effective policies countering brain-drain. This was not just a question of gender equality. The outcome of keeping just 10% of potential female physicist brain-drainers throughout Europe would amount to saving many millions of Euros. The project was a pilot study which was to be developed further in the form of an IP in FP7.

Partner institutions:
University of £ód¼, Women’s Studies Center, Poland (Prof. Elæbieta H. Oleksy),
Danish University of Education, Institute of Educational Psychology, Denmark (Cathrine Hasse PhD - coordinator),
University of La Sapienza, Social Institute of Psychology, Italy (Prof. Anna Maria Ajello),
Helsinki School of Economics, Department of Social and Moral Philosophy, Finland (Kristina Rolin PhD),
University of Tartu, Department of Philosophy, Estonia (Endla Lohkivi PhD).

WSC participated in the following international meetings within UPGEM project:
January 2006 – training meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark,
November 2006 – training meeting, Tartu, Estonia,
January 2007 – management meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark,
July 2007 – UPGEM seminar, Helsinki, Finland,
July 2007 – steering committee meeting, Helsinki, Finland.

Women’s Studies Centre published a national report on the situation of Polish women in Physics edited by Prof. Elæbieta H. Oleksy.

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