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ERASMUS Staff Mobility - Training for higher education institution staff at enterprises and at higher education institutions

Staff mobility for training enables teaching and other staff of higher education institutions to spend a period of training between 5 working days and 6 weeks in an enterprise or organization such as a higher education institution in another participating country.

What are the objectives of the staff mobility for training?

» To allow the staff of higher education institutions to acquire knowledge or specific know-how from experiences and good practices abroad as well as practical skills relevant for their current job and their professional development;
» To help building up cooperation between higher education institutions and enterprises;
» To motivate students and staff to become mobile and to assist them in preparing a mobility period.

Who can benefit?

Staff from higher education institutions.

For how long can staff go abroad?

» Staff can receive training abroad between 5 working day and 6 weeks.
» Shorter stays than 5 working days are allowed in the case when the absence of staff for this minimum period is difficult or in the case of attendance of conferences, seminars and workshops.

Where to train and what kind of training is offered?

The stay in the partner enterprise, organization or institution can be called a variety of names: short period, job-shadowing scheme, study visit, workshop, conference etc.

Are language courses included among the training possibilities?

Language training and attendance of seminars, workshops and conferences should not represent the majority of the total Erasmus-funded training days per sending institution and academic year.

What arrangements have to be made?

Staff members are selected by the sending higher education institution.
The sending institution and the receiving institution / enterprise must have agreed on the "training program" undertaken by the staff member, prior to the start of the mobility period.

How is the grant managed?

The grant provided to contribute to subsistence costs and to cover travel costs is always managed by the higher education institution.

Who can apply?

The institution sending staff applies for ERASMUS mobility grants to its national agency while the staff applies to their home institution.

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For further information about application procedure please contact:

The International Students Office
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fax. (+48 42) 6354789

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