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Post-Graduate Program In Gender Studies




 Program In
Gender Studies
Post-Graduate Program For Teachers



The purpose of gender studies is to identify the processes of social exclusion and to analyze critically the patriarchal and Eurocentric ways of thinking, as well as to indicate instruments which can counteract discrimination in an effective manner. The proposed interdisciplinary program of studies is inspired by a conviction that it is necessary to change social mentality and schematic thinking about heterogeneity, diversity and identity as a whole. Poland still does not have enough experts with a comprehensive expertise in this field, who would pursue the objectives of the policy of equal opportunities. If you are interested in issues of gender mainstreaming and effective battling of discrimination in varied forms and areas, it is a program for you!

It is the only program in Poland to approach gender studies in a comprehensive manner with consideration of social, political, cultural and philosophical issues.

The Programming Board of the course consists of the outstanding feminist activists: Professor Elżbieta H. Oleksy, Professor Magdalena Środa, Barbara Labuda, PhD, Vice-Speaker of the Polish Parliament Wanda Nowicka, Professor Danuta Waniek, Kazimiera Szczuka, PhD and Professor Zdzisława Janowska.


On May 1, 2012 we open the recruitment for the post-graduate program in GENDER STUDIES for the academic year of 2012/2013. For the detailed description of the studies and the program please visit http://www.gender-studies.pl

All interested persons are required to deliver (in person or by mail) the following documents to the Women’s Studies Center:
1) a copy of the university diploma (BA or MA),
2) a filled personal questionnaire, (link)
3) a filled application sheet, (link)
4) CV,
5) a brief cover letter,
6) two current photos.

Course duration: 2 semesters (in the extramural mode)

Course cost: 1,900 PLN for 2 semesters


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