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ERASMUS is the EU's flagship education and training program enabling 200 000 students to study and work abroad each year. In addition, it funds co-operation between higher education institutions across Europe. The program not only supports students, but also professors and business staff who want to teach abroad, as well as helping university staff to receive training.

Poland participates in the Erasmus program since 1998/1999. University of £ód¼ was the first higher education institution in £ód¼ that joined the program. In years 1995-2006 Erasmus was a part of the European program Socrates. Since 2007/2008 it has been a part of the LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme), which allows individuals at all stages of their lives to pursue stimulating learning opportunities across Europe. In 2007 the University of £ód¼ received Erasmus Extended University Charter (EUC-49245) for years 2007-2013, which enables exchange of students and Erasmus traineeships.

LLP-ERASMUS – List of Partners:
http://www.gender.uni.lodz.pl/pliki/Lista partnerow.pdf

For information how to apply for the Erasmus grant and procedures following the nomination please contact Women’s Studies Centre’s LLP-ERASMUS Coordinator:

Graæyna Zygad³o, PhD
Department of Transatlantic and Media Studies
ul. Lindleya 5a, 90-131 £ód¼, Poland
Room 43
tel. (+48 42) 6354258
fax. (+48 42) 6354260


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