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The Sixth European Gender Research Conference “Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context” took place at the University of Łódź between August 31 and September 3, 2006. More than 400 researchers from all over the world participated in the Conference. The European Conference on Gender Research is held triennially and constitutes the most important academic forum in the field of interdisciplinary gender/women’s studies of its kind. Previous conferences had been held in Aalborg (1991), Graz (1994), Coimbra (1997), Bologna (2000) and Lund (2003).

Continuing this tradition, the 6th European Gender Research Conference was a high-level, interdisciplinary event focused on gender research in a wide but well-defined range of thematic areas:
• changing concepts and practices of citizenship in relation to gender issues in Europe,
• interrelations between concepts and structures of citizenship and European multicultural contexts defined as intersections of race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, nationality, religion, etc.,
• gender, science and technology and global citizenship,
• gender and participation in political and economic processes.
The Conference included 4 plenary sessions plus 12 thematic workshop strands. Six keynote speakers were invited to give plenary lectures:

• Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University), “Post-Secular Feminist Ethics.”
• Judith Butler (University of California at Berkeley), "New Gender Politics: Tensions and Alliances.”
• Ruth Lister (Loughborough University), “From the Intimate to the Global: Reflections on Gendered Citizenship.”
• Keith Pringle (Aaalborg Univeristy), “Bodily Integrity: Turning Esping-Andersen on His Head.”
• Ayse Gul Altinay (Sabanci University), “Feminism and Violence. Where Do We Stand.”
• Magdalena Środa (Warsaw University), “Women’s Utopias.”
• Brigitte Degen (European Commission), “From ENWISE to the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All.”
• WeAVE (ATHENA’s Student Forum) session on Academic Generosity.

Proceedings from the conference were published in three different volumes:

Tożsamość i obywatelstwo w społeczeństwie wielokulturowym, Oleksy, E. H. (ed.), PWN: Warsaw, 2008.

Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context, Oleksy, E. H. Petö, A. Waaldijk, B. (eds.), Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, 2008.

Intimate Citizenship. Gender, Sexualities, Politics. Oleksy, E. H. (ed.), New York: Routledge, 2009.

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